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GaTAPP Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Be sure to read the "Before you begin..."

  2. Where can I find out which subjects I am qualified to teach with my specific Bachelor’s Degree?  Click here to see a list. This will give you an “idea” of what subjects you could possibly teach.

  3. I want to teach a subject that is not an exact match to my degree or is not related to my degree at all.  What do I do?  You must take and pass the appropriate GACE content area test(s) for the subject and grade level that you wish to teach PRIOR to enrolling in GaTAPP. The GACE registration website is www.gace.ets.org   (If you took and passed the Praxis II content assessment for the area you wish to teach prior to September 1, 2006, those scores will still be accepted.)

  4. What is the cost to participate in NGRESA GaTAPP? Please review our fees page

  5. What is included in the fee?  This fee covers the cost of seminars, materials, and textbooks for the two-year program.  The fee also includes costs associated with obtaining instructors and providing the required classroom observations and support meetings performed by RESA personnel. Additional coursework may be required for some certification fields and those costs are not included in the Internship tuition. Any GACE tests are not covered as a part of the fees.

  6. Is there any type of financial aid available for GaTAPP candidates?  There is no NGRESA sponsored organized financial aid for GaTAPP itself.  NGRESA GaTAPP is an approved On-the-Job-Training site for VA Educational Benefits.

  7. Okay, I have met all the pre-requisites for being in GaTAPP.  What is my next step?  The next step for you would be to begin applying for teaching positions. Try going to each system’s website for current job openings or log onto www.teachgeorgia.org for job postings across the state.

  8. When do courses start?  “The Essentials of Effective Teaching” is held each July with mandatory follow-up seminars held after school and/or Saturdays.  If you are unable to attend the initial training sessions and seminars, GaTAPP may not be your best route to certification.

  9. How long does the GaTAPP program take?  You can reasonably expect to be enrolled in NGRESA for two years.  All candidates must complete the program within 4 semesters unless there is a qualifying medical or emergency situations that requires additional time.  These exemptions are not automatic and will be reviewed on an individual basis at the time of a request.

  10. Can I pursue other degrees while I am participating in GaTAPP?  This is not recommended due to the incredible task you have ahead of you with planning for instruction, teaching classes, and attending classes for GaTAPP.  Candidates WILL NOT be excused from GaTAPP courses and sessions to attend courses for other degrees.

  11. What about coaching or sponsoring school events?  While this does not always present a problem, bear in mind that GaTAPP courses take priority over coaching and sponsorship duties in the event of a scheduling conflict.  These extracurricular activities do not exempt a candidate from any GaTAPP requirements.

  12. Do I get college credit for courses I take through NGRESA?   No.  All candidates will receive credit towards certification but not towards a college degree.  Candidates do receive a completion transcript awarding PLU credit.

Consolidated Dates

Click HERE for the consolidated RESA System Calendar. This Calendar includes important dates for NGRESA and member systems. It includes holidays, breaks, planning days, and other dates.

System dates were accurate at the time of creation but are subject to change. Please consult each system's official calendar for the most up to date information.


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